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Advertising on Insights is good for you.


Table of Contents:
1. Banner and Twitter Ads
2. Add Your Feed/Link to Insight Reader List
3. Breakdown of Insight Traffic

Banner and Twitter Ads

Blogads, a blog advertising specialist, handles advertising for Insights. They specialize in blog advertising and buying ads to connect with the social media elite to build your brand.

Enter Invisible Hand into coupon code to receive 25% discount.

Advertisers that spend $120 or more would receive an Insight key for the calendar year.


Add Your Feed/Link to Insight Reader List

Time frame: Cost (US Dollars)*
January-December $240
February-December $220
March-December $200
April-December $180
May-December $160
June-December $140
July-December $120
August-December $100
September-December $80
October-December $60
November-December $40
December-December $20

* Includes not only the link/feed but also the opportunity to explain it within one post. This explanation would reach all of Insight's Feedburner, Facebook, Twitter, Google, and email subscribers. All content will be reviewed by Insights before publishing. All paid links/feeds will be cleared at the end of the calendar year.


Breakdown of Insight Traffic

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